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Once you have registered your organization and completed the above online form, please click below to fill out the team information form. Only one form per team; teams can have up to eight people. Please email your fully completed form to by July 28!

How do you plan to raise money for charities?

There are a few different ways we plan to do this.

  1. We will encourage all participants of the race to choose one of our Non-Profit partners and help
    raise money for those charities via a link they receive when they sign up.
  2. We have a Non-Profit Challenge where NFP’s can enter and compete against other NFP’s for a portion of prize money. A portion of all registration fees will go toward building this pot.
  3. Teams participating in the Non-Profit Challenge will be given a link to a donation page that is specific to their cause and can be sent out electronically to anyone.

Tell me more about the Non-Profit Challenge.

The NPC is a great way to engage all the people that are vital to your growth and success. You can get your employees, your donors, your Board of Directors or even the people you serve involved in this as either a runner, a cheerleader (all are invited to the race) or an active participant in helping you reach your fundraising goal. Imagine, a fundraising event that requires no logistics, no staff resources, no planning….we handle all of that! You just need to spread the word, rally the troops and come out and have a great time.

Entry to the Riverside Relay Marathon’s Non-Profit Challenge is $500 and your organization will receive the following benefits:

  • Up to eight entries in the race (participants receive event shirt and medal)
  • Organization logo (with donation information) on registration site
  • Organization listed on race print advertising
  • Organization logo on race website
  • Organization logo event shirt
  • Organization will be eligible to win a portion of the NPC Prize Money
  • Organization will be allotted a space in ‘Pit Row’ to set up a team tent
  • Organization logo on finish line shoot
  • The opportunity to raise thousands of dollars with just a few easy steps

We hope you and your charity will join us as we try and make history here in Evansville! For more information on the Riverside Relay Marathon, call Jason Sands at 812-434-7699.