About the Riverside Relay Marathon

The Riverside Relay Marathon is a 1.09 mile looped course on the banks of the Ohio River in beautiful downtown Evansville, IN. The race will consist of 24 laps for a total distance of 26.2 miles. You can take the challenge on your own or participate as a team of up to eight people.

One of our goals for the relay is to raise money for charities and we challenge you and your team to help us get there. Whether you choose to become a fundraiser for one of our Non-Profit partners or you decide to submit a charity that has a special meaning to you, we will give you the tools you need to get your message out with ease.

Team, fun, family, friends, charity and a great course are what encompass the Riverside Relay Marathon!

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Non-Profit Challenge

Our goal is to help raise $50,000 for Non-Profit organizations and we need your help to get there.  When you sign up your team, you can choose to help raise money for one of the several charities we are working with, or, you can run for a cause that is not on the list. 

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2015 Non-Profit Partners

Corporate Charity Challenge

The Corporate Charity Challenge is a great opportunity to rally the troops with a little healthy competition that promotes teamwork, community service and health & wellness. Whether you have a small team or a big team, the CCC is a way to get everyone involved and working toward the same goal. CCC teams will not only be competing during the race, but before the race, we challenge your team to help raise money for a charity that is important to your company. When you register your CCC team, you will receive a donation link for your charity that you can forward to anyone in the world to let them know what your company is doing and how they can help. The ESC Corporate Challenge is a fun-filled community event that emphasizes healthy lifestyles, friendly competition and company camaraderie. 

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2015 Corporate Charity Challenge Teams